Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dempsey US Ministry Assignment

After 11 years in Brazil we are going to be in the U.S. for the next six months (return to Brazil-27th of January) for our first furlough/sabbatical. We have several key objectives and we need for you to be a part of this important time of evaluation, renewal, planning and preparation for our next season of ministry. Although we will take a few opportunities for vacation with our families this is not a six month vacation. Rather, it is time of disciplined rest and preparation for our on-going ministry in Brazil. Listed below are some of the objectives and plans for our time in the U.S.

· Spiritual, emotional and physical rest & renewal

o Time away from field ministry responsibilities for personal study & development

· Personal, family and ministry evaluation

o Feedback & input from mentors and professionals

· Investment in marriage, kids and extended family

o Marriage development retreat

o Children’s exposure to U.S. schooling (Meg-6th grade, Duncan-3rd, Kate-kindergarten)

o Vacation, holidays and reunions with extended family

· Training, planning & preparation for next season of ministry

o Seminary courses on biblical counseling

o Develop 5 & 10 year family and CO Belo Horizonte plans

o Campus Outreach Directors meetings in October

· Financial support development

o Visit & update current supporters (we hope to see as many of you as possible)

o Raise needed new support for next phase of ministry

Contact info

· Demps

o Email:

o Cell: 864-630-5106

· Kristy

o Email:

o Cell: 864-915-9072

Sabbatical prayer requests

· That God would use this time of investment to renew us and prepare us for our on-going responsibility of leading Campus Outreach Belo Horizonte.

· That God would use this time to develop our staff in Brazil as they take on more responsibility in our absence.

· That God would help our kids with the transition to this culture, specifically their transition to school here.