Saturday, May 30, 2009

As the weather there is heating up for you, things are heating up around here as well (although not the temperature because we’re actually heading into winter in Brazil). We wanted to let you know some of the events taking place here.

Parents Investigative Study

We have to begin with an update about this because it is one of the most encouraging things that is taking place in our midst. The picture above is a group of parents (specifically parents of students and staff of our campus ministry) that have been meeting once a week for the last few months to study and investigate the life of Jesus in the gospel of John. There is a newness to their spiritual hunger that is unexplainable other than the reality that God is working in their midst. It is such a privilege for us to watch these lives being changed through the influence of their children that came to know Christ through the campus. This ripple effect of God’s grace is something that we long to see more and more in the Brazilian culture. Many of these students and staff have prayed for years for their parents and are now seeing the fruit of this right before their eyes. One of the couples is the parents of Alan, one of our Brazilian staff that I have the privilege of leading and Aline, his sister, a Physical Therapy student and one of the girls that Kristy leads. Alan recently told me with tears in his eyes that his parents had thanked him and Aline for bringing Jesus into their home. What a privilege to watch God transforming families in this way!
  • Please pray for these parents as they seek to know the truth about Jesus. Pray for healing and renewal in all of their family relationships.

Cross Cultural Projects (CCPs) arrive

Every year for two months we receive groups of American college students from Campus Outreach stateside ministries that come down to help with the ministry and to experience life in another culture for a few weeks. These year we have two teams, one from Campus Outreach Memphis and the other from Campus Outreach Gulf Coast. This is always an extremely busy time of the year for us with many different events and much to prepare and coordinate, but it is always a fruitful time of the year also as the “gringos” hit the campus and meet countless new Brazilian friends. Brazilians have an unlimited capacity for relationships and are eager to make friends and try out their English with the Americans. We’ll share more over the next few weeks about what’s happening and some of the specific events that we’re using with the CCPs this year.

  • Please pray for God to use the CCPs on the campuses at PUC (Catholic University) and UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais) to change the hearts and lives of many Brazilian college students.

I now pronounce you “husband and wife”

We experienced another example of the transformation that is occurring all around us last Saturday as we had the privilege of participating in the wedding of two close friends and former students involved in the campus ministry. Cesar and Camila both came to know Christ through the ministry and last Saturday they officially began their life together as husband and wife. Demps performed the ceremony and Kristy sang so it was quite the family affair. (We’re thinking of taking our wedding song and dance show on the road if anyone is interested.) Once again, we are so thankful to see God transforming Brazilian families as He brings people to Himself and then brings them together to follow Him for life.

Demps, Kristy, Meg, Kate and Duncan at Camila and Cesar's wedding

  • Pray for Cesar and Camila as they begin their new life together. Pray that they would experience and reflect more and more of God’s love in their marriage.