Thursday, June 19, 2008

A pic and a video

Investigative Retreat 2008

We wanted to update you a bit more on our Investigative Retreat from last weekend. This video provides a little more detail as to how we used the Heroes theme to relate to our search for and relationship with God. Many of the Brazilian students you see in the pic above are students just beginning to investigate who Christ is. The retreat was a big step forward in their desire to understand spiritual truth. Our earthly heroes, even comic book ones, are fallible in ways that Christ is not, but they represent our desire for something beyond this temporal world, something we can hold onto as eternal truth. Pray for these students as they continue to learn who Christ is and what he offers them.

Also, I've embedded a video below that shows a bit of a couple of different talks that Demps did during the retreat, along with some of the video clips we showed to support the theme. It's only about six minutes long and provides a good idea of what the Investigative Retreat is. Thanks!


At 2:52 AM, Blogger The Swartys said...

Hey guys, that is great stuff. Praying for ya and think of you guys so often. Have a great weekend and take care. Hope the fam is doing great, not to shabby here on the swarty end.


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