Sunday, June 15, 2008

Investigative Retreat!

The Whole World Is Looking For Heroes

Let me get you up to date on where we are ministry wise. We currently have three groups from the US working with us for two months in ministry on the campus. These cross cultural projects are always great opportunities for us to develop relationships with students on the campuses, because Brazilians love to practice their English, and because Brazilians in general are very social and want to take full advantage of the short time they have to get to know these Americans.

It's been really encouraging to meet new students from each area of campus. The Brazilian students already involved in our ministry have been excited as they see their friends show interest in investigating who Christ is and what he said about himself. This past weekend we held our annual Investigative Retreat. This retreat functions as the first time many of the new students are exposed to the gospel and God's love for them. Our theme was "Heroes" as pictured above, and Demps used the theme to discuss what our real needs are and what kind of Hero we need to meet them. The administration team did a great job of developing culturally relevant videos and music to accompany the theme.

Please pray as we continue to spend time with the students who attended. Many of them made the first steps they've ever taken to investigate who Christ is, who he TRULY is and not just who they've always thought he is. Pray that the eyes of their hearts will be opened and that God would really reveal Himself and His love to each of them.

We're grateful for each of you and we'll keep you posted on all that's going on here.


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