Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Once again, it's been a while since we communicated with you. Most of you probably received a New Year's update from us via snail mail. If you didn't and would like one, please make sure we have your current mailing address.

We spent much of the month of January on our Summer Beach Project. With the theme of "Don't look back" our students were encouraged to persevere in their faith or in their investigation of the truths of Christ. It was encouraging to see the many non-Christians there be drawn to Christ through study and interaction with Christians. God did a great work among us!

Forgive us also for not updating you on Demps' health. He is doing better and the fainting spells he had a few weeks ago seem to be related to stress and anxiety. Continue to pray for him. He said he feels like he's back to 95% of himself but the last 5% is taking a while! Pray for all of us that we will have insight in how to help and serve him during this time.

Meg, Duncan and Kate started school on the 11th of February. They're enjoying being back in the swing of things though we've already come down with two viruses and several fevers. Pray that we'll stay healthy and the kids will miss a minimum of school days because they will need to miss some days in July when we are traveling.

We love each of you and would love to hear how we can pray.