Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Timely Needs

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*The Investigative Retreat with the theme of Behind the Music, that we told you about week before last was a huge success. For many of the Christians who went, it was an eye-opening experience into how something traditionally viewed as "secular", such as the music of U2, can cause people to ask eternally important questions. And for those students who went to the retreat just to investigate the claims of Christ, many of them moved forward in a commitment to continue studying and to not be afraid to ask questions of spiritual significance. There were a total of 180 people there, about 45 of whom are the American college students who are here for two months.

*Last month was a significant month in the life of our church as 15 people joined the church and were baptized. 90% of these were students involved in our ministry and the other 10% were families that have developed relationships with the staff that are now doing family ministry. Each of these people have been through our church's new member classes so that they understand the doctrine and philosophy of our church as well as for them to begin developing relationships with other members of the church. Continue to pray for the students involved in our ministry to find their "place" within our church. Also, pray for our staff that are now involved in graduate and family ministry, that they would transition to the new expectations and responsibilities those jobs require. Also, pray for a new place for our church to meet, as the contract on the place we are meeting in now is up in another month.

*Lastly, tomorrow (Thursday, June 20, 2007) around 45 American students and 20 of our staff here will be participating in a Vision Day. The theme is "the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few" and the conversation and study will be designed to motivate each person to be lifelong laborers in the harvest, being used by God to meet the needs of an ever-more-needy world.

Thanks for your prayers. We love you all!


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