Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I've uploaded our most recent ministry update above. Just click on it to see it full-size so that it's actually readable. Alan, oneof our new staff, shares part of his testimony in the update. Alan's story is such an example of God's faithfulness to work in out lives. Alan was such a skeptic. It took him over two years to finally believe the gospel was for him. God just continued to work on his heart and to give him the desire to investigate. It's such a privilege to see him laboring for Christ now among the students where he used to study!

We still do not know whether or not Demps will have to pay a fine for the driver's license fiasco but we'll let you know as soon as we do! Please keep praying for God's protection and provision in that situation. Thanks so much for all your prayers and notes of encouragement. We felt surrounded!

This is a holiday weekend starting tomorrow here in Belo Horizonte, so not only will the students be out of school, it will be maximum opportunity for the American students we have here to spend time with Brazilians and share their faith. We'll be doing a churrasco (barbecue) tomorrow for one of the groups of Americans and their evangelistic contacts.

Not this weekend but next will be our annual Invetigative Retreat, to which we invite the students that we've been inviting to investigate the truths of the gospel. We usually use something from popular culture to springboard our discussions and this year we'll be using the music of U2.

Begin to pray now for God to lead those to go that He would speak to. And pray for Sovereignly ordained conversations for our staff, students and the American students. May we all know God in a deeper way after the retreat!


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