Wednesday, May 09, 2007

For today, Demps won't go to jail!

Demps had the court hearing this afternoon and to make a long story short, no one knew what to do. No one could figure out why he was charged and they just decided to let him go. So thank you for your prayers.

There are two things specifically related to this situation that you can still pray for. Even though the accident was not Demps' fault, the motorcyclist still has until October 10th to file a complaint and claim that Demps was at fault. We don't think he will do this, because he was clearly found to be at fault but if he appeals, Demps will have to appear before the same court. It would be a headache more than anything else but one that we hope to avoid. So pray that nothing else would come of this.

Second, there is also an administrative appeal process that Demps filed today to avoid paying a fine. He shouldn't have to pay a fine, especially since there was so much confusion today but we'll know in 30 to 60 days. Please continue to pray that God would turn the hearts of those responsible in our favor.

We're still on the hunt for a house for the American students who will be here for 2 months. We started this process months ago, but the house we were depending on fell through, so we are trusting God to provide a new option. Please continue to keep this need in your prayers.

We're grateful for you! Thanks for holding us in your hearts and keeping us from feeling alone!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Urgent Prayer Request!

There are many things we love about living in Brazil but occasionally bureaucracy drives us batty...and gives us an opportunity to trust God. We have two urgent situations for which we need earnest prayer over the next 24 hours.

First, for the eight years we've lived here we have driven our cars using the international AAA driver's license that is supposedly valid here in Brazil. We've never had a problem before when we passed through a check point and have been under the impression that it is a valid license here. A couple of weeks ago, however, a motorcycle tried to pass Demps on the right as he was turning to the right. In the process of resolving the paperwork of the accident, which was not Demps' fault, Demps was charged with driving without a valid license, which in Brazil is a crime that carries a significant fine and detention from 6 months to a year. Tomorrow is his court date. The bottom line is that he was charged with this because the police are in the process of computerizing all their data and the responding officers needed a more formal number to put in their system. The judge should be able to recognize that Demps was driving with a license that is recognized here in Brazil, but we can't count on it. We've been told many different things by many different governmental departments. The law has recently changed, so that has some to do with the confusion. Anyway, we're almost positive that the judge will side with Demps and that even if he doesn't, that he wouldn't send Demps to jail for six months to a year. But we'd appreciate that you pray that God will grant favor with all the officials and that we would trust Him.

Also, the Cross Cultural Project, a team of 18 American students, arrives next week and we just found out today that we will no longer be able to rent the house that they had been planning to stay in. The best laid plans. . . Anyway, please pray that we will be able to find new housing and that God would provide for all their needs. It's quite difficult to find housing for just two months and we're feeling the time crunch. But we want to trust God's provision. Please pray fervently!

I'll post an update asap!