Thursday, April 05, 2007

We are headed out to a retreat in the morning with our church but wanted to swing by to give you this update. So much is happening here...and we need prayer for so many things that we feel sort of at a loss what to ask for first. But suffice it to say, there is much to praise God for. Click on the update above to read it at full size. Pray for the requests that are listed there. Pray also for our church retreat this weekend, for what it will mean in the life of our church. We are definitely praying for communion and true worship and for God to be glorfied in our union. Pray for each member to feel God's presence and to experience fellowship with other members of the church. Pray for it to be a developmental time in the life of our church. The college ministry is such an integral part of the church that it's hard to separate the two. So pray for it all! And may God be glorified in you this Easter season too and always.
We love you all,
Demps and Kristy
Meg, Duncan and Kate


At 11:53 PM, Blogger Shelley said...

Kristy--I was just looking at the Dowdy's blog, saw the kids' picture from the retreat and could not believe how the kids have all grown. I enjoyed reading all that is going on in Brazil. It is so encouraging. Please click on our blog to see our baby girl who is now 7 mts!


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