Thursday, February 01, 2007

Summer Beach Project

Yes, it's summer here and we're just returning from three weeks on our Projeto na Praia (Summer Beach Project) where God did many things in our own hearts as well in the hearts of the students and staff we are ministering to. Our theme was Arms Wide Open, which allowed us to focus on themes of surrender and community.

We'll share more, including pictures over the next week or so, but I just wanted to share what one of our students said about what God was doing in her heart those three weeks. Robertinha, a student at the Catholic University here in Belo Horizonte, said, "I was having a hard time surrendering my whole life, my desires and plans, to God. I thought that I needed to be in control and that if I gave in, I wouldn't get what was best for me. But I'm realizing that the only way I'll be happy, and completely fulfilled is to live out God's plan and that it will be the best thing for me and for His glory."

May that be true for all of us, this week and always.


At 10:04 PM, Blogger The Swartys said...

awesome stuff, look forward to hearing more. Man, miss you guys, baby beef, the atmosphere, but mostly you guys.


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