Thursday, July 27, 2006

Quick Catch-up

We're coming to the end of the Winter Break here. Our kids go back to school on Monday and the university students go back as well. Breaks here are never a dead time for our ministry. On the contrary, most everything continues as normal. Our trip to Campinas was a great opportunity to connect with the American students and staff who were there for two months. They are now back in the States and we will continue to consider Campinas as we look at opportunities for expanding our ministry here in Brazil.

This week please pray for:

*Kids' transition back into school

*Upcoming visit by Demps' parents from the States (and everything that entails, including everyone's health and someone to take care of all they usually take care of in the States for two and a half weeks.

*Meetings over the next few weeks that will determine some of our next steps as a ministry here in Brazil

*Hearts full of hope and peace concerning the health of family members back in the States and wisdom for the doctors involved


At 12:15 PM, Anonymous Leo said...

E aih carah! Seitah fazeindo?


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