Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Moving and Shaking

What moves you?

That was the question that we spent all weekend trying to convince over 150 college students to consider. We had our annual Investigative Retreat this past weekend and spent a lot of time hanging out, playing together and thinking about things that matter. I (Demps) gave 4 talks to stimulate the students to consider what moves them and used this quote by St. Augustine, “Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Thee”, to challenge everyone to consider that it might just be God that is behind our desires and that it’s a worthwhile investment to seek answers to life’s questions by considering God first and foremost. It was a great weekend and many students left with a commitment to investigate the reality of God by taking a serious look at the person of Jesus Christ.

World Cup fever has arrived

This weekend also signaled the beginning of the World Cup which is the world’s biggest sporting event. I know that it doesn’t mean much in the good ole US of A but in Brazil it’s like a national holiday. Today is the opening match for the Brazil team which is easily ranked # 1 in the world and is expected to win a record 6th championship. I’m heading out in just a few minutes with Duncan to go watch the game with a bunch of the students. Kristy said today that the atmosphere is like a snow day with no one working and everyone running around getting ready for the big game. The fireworks and car horns have been in full effect all day and will be deafening when Brazil scores it’s first goal. Here’s a link to a short video on-line that shows just how important soccer or “futebol” as we call it here is to Brazil. This is a great opportunity to gather people and to have fun together. Pray for God to use this momentous event for Himself. Go Brasil!
This video gives a great picture of how wild Brazilians are over futebol:

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At 12:22 AM, Blogger the swartys said...

Man great stuff,think so often of you guys and pray for you often. I am in New Orleans this week on a missions trip and have been busy, but a great time. It is unreal the devistation and so much left to do, but God is good. Please take care and have a great time cheering for Rolandino and I will try to call ya sometime next week.

At 8:25 AM, Blogger The Dempseys in Brazil said...

Hope your time in NO is good. Give all the family hugs from us. We hope to get to see you all soon.

At 1:30 PM, Blogger the swartys said...

What an amazing goal by Ronaldo yesterday, I am sure the country was a frenzy. Hope you are having a blast with all this world cup. Take care and have a great week.


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