Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A continent apart

We're so sorry we have gone so long without updating you on what is going on with our ministry. We've been in the States since the middle of November and now Kristy has returned to Brazil for the kids to start back to school. Demps is still in the States seeing some of our supporters and raising new support to prepare us for the next phase of our ministry here in Brazil.

We will be updating this blog over the next couple of days with pictures and highlights from our Summer Beach Project that took place in January (the seasons are opposite here.) But in the mean time you can be praying for these specifics:

1. Pray for Demps, for safe travel and for encouragement, as he continues to raise support in the States. He will return to Brazil on March 10. The exchange rate has fallen here over the last year so that we have effectively lost 1/3 of our salary. This time of support raising is necessary to keep us here for the long haul and to help us prepare for future expansion. But it sure is hard to be away from each other and to be away from ministry here in Brazil.

2. Pray for Kristy as she has returned to Brazil with the kids. Pray for our children to continue to grow in knowing God and His love for them. Pray they will recognize their need for Christ.

3. Pray for the community of students that we minister to. The needs are great and we have seen an outpouring of God's love shown through the members of our "community" to each other. Pray that the struggles that bind them to their pasts will be broken and that they will experience true freedom in God's grace.

We're grateful for each of you. Give Demps a big hug if you see him in the States or call him to let him know you are "with us". (864)979-0346