Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The plane, the plane!!

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As I write this we are literally on our way out the door to catch a plane to the States. We will be in America form November 16 until February for Demps' knee surgery and support maintenance. We would love to see each of you and wanted to send this quick update to touch base before our arrival.

*Staff training was a great experience. We had tons of interaction throughout the week on what it means to be an "insider" in the culture we are ministering in...not just Brazil, but college student culture and post-modern thought culture also. Jim Peterson, our speaker who worked for years with the Navigator ministry here in Brazil, challenged us to meet these students where they are rather than trying to fit them into our mold. Jim still speaks portuguese so all of our discussions were in portuguese. Thanks for your prayers during last week. The picture above is from our staff training time.

*Demps' knee surgery is bright and early Thursday morning. Please pray for a simple surgery and a quick recovery.

*Please be in prayer for our year end finances and know that we are grateful for how each of you co-labor with us here in Brazil. We're hoping to finish the year stong financially in our support accounts and be able to position ourselves for a strong next few years as our ministry expands.

See you soon!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Staff Stimulus

Every year in November we take a few days as a staff team to get away from our campus and church responsibilities to renew our vision and focus. We always invite someone to meet with us and help us see the big picture again in the midst of the daily grind. This is always an important time for each of us to recommit our selves to God, His kingdom, our team community and our mission together. This year we have the privilege of having Jim Petersen from the Navigators with us. Jim is on staff with The Navigators and helped pioneer the work of The Navigators in Brazil. He no longer lives in Brazil but will be able to relate directly to the issues that we face every day as we seek to take the life of Jesus into this culture. (and we won’t have to worry about translation because he speaks Portuguese) We’ve recently been reading a book that Jim wrote and much of what he will be speaking to us about will be rooted in ideas that he shares in the book. “The Insider” is a great book about experiencing the life of Jesus in our daily lives and taking the life of Jesus with us into our relationships. Check it out sometime. The book shares a lot of his personal experiences in Brazil so it would give you a unique glimpse into our life as missionaries here.

This is from the book cover. YOU ARE RIGHT WHERE GOD WANTS YOU. – As a citizen of God’s kingdom, you are already uniquely positioned to live out your kingdom citizenship among the people you relate to every day. God has called you to be an “insider” to your family, neighborhood, and workplace. As you adopt the winsome patterns of a kingdom lifestyle, people in your life will see that there is, indeed, a better way to live.

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Please pray specifically for our time together Nov. 8-12.

Pray that:
• God would use Jim encourage us to live out the Kingdom of God in a real way
• God would renew our hearts for Himself and the work here in Brazil
• God would give us greater unity and community through this time.