Wednesday, July 06, 2005

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Something More was definitely more than we could have dreamed it would be! Two weeks ago we took about 25 new students on a retreat close to our city. The purpose was for them to be around Christians and have the opportunity to investigate the claims of Christ. Students already involved in our ministry invited friends from their circles of influence as well as new students we have gotten to know through the American students who are here. The theme of the retreat was Something More and we were daily amazed at how God revealed MORE to each of us who went.

Since then the conversations with each of the students who went have continued and we are trusting that these students' hearts would remain open to being transformed by God's love.

Our CCP close-out retreat will be this weekend, the 8th, 9th, and 10th of July. We are expecting 60-70 students from our area of the campus to attend. The time will include discussions and conversations about spiritual issues with a goal of breaking down the students' barriers to the gospel. Pray for this time to be fun, energizing and glorifying to God.

The final week of our church series will be on Sunday night as Demps preaches on God's reality for our lives. For 5 weeks we've discussed God's reality for relationships, money and possesions and ourselves. We're trusting that many will make a commitment to live lives based on the reality of God and His word rather than to continue in the false "reality" of this world.

Trip to US

On the 13th of July we will be traveling to the States for three key reasons. First, we need a vacation! We'll spend a week at the beach relaxing and refueling. Second, we will need to raise new support to cover our needs for the next few years. Thirdly, we hope to visit with many of you and connect again in our friendships and partnerships.

You can pray:

*for the new students involved in our ministry who are investigating a relationship with Christ. Pray that our relationships with them will continue to grow.
*Safe travel to the US and in the US
*productive support contacts--Trust God with us as we rely on him to meet all our needs.
*Demps' preparation of his staff for the time he will be away.

Again, we could not be more grateful for each of you. Thanks for being our partners in the gospel here in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


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