Thursday, June 09, 2005

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The next couple of weeks will be key in our lives and ministry here in Brazil. Many of you know that we have 30 or so American college students here with us for two months, meeting and sharing the gospel and their lives with Brazilian college students. Over the next few weeks we have several key events that we are praying God will use to draw people to Himself.

One of these events is an ongoing series we are doing on Sunday nights at church. Demps will be the speaker for the six week series "Is this the real thing?" Pasted above is the announcement we have used to invite people to the series. Our desire is that rather than feeling like they are coming to "church" that they would feel like they are taking a step in evaluating who they are and what they believe.
The translation for the picture above and the title of each talk is:

June 5: Is this the real thing?
June 12: Jesus' reality about God
June 19: Jesus' reality about self
June 26: Jesus' reality about others
July 3: Jesus' reality about possessions
July 10: Knowing Jesus' reality

We've developed a reality show theme to capitalize on everyone's fascination with reality shows (yes, even here in Brazil!) and are using that theme to demonstrate the reality of living out God's Kingdom here on earth.

Please pray for Demps as he develops each of these talks and pray for others to receive the truths of God's reality in their lives.

On Friday June 10, the Brazilians and Americans will join together to celebrate Festa Junina, which is sort of a Brazilian version of a fall festival, complete with square dancing, soup and straw hats. In addition to being a great cultural opportunity for the Americans, it is a great evangelistic and relational opportunity. Pray that God will use it to cause non-Christian Brazilians to feel comfortable and interested in their American friends' lives.

Next weekend we will have an evangelistic retreat. This will give those students that we have had the opportunity to develop relationships with the chance to dive a little deeper into their understanding of God and their understanding of themselves. Pray for God to use this time to draw hearts to Himself and to answer any lingering questions they may have about their purpose or a relationship with God.

We are grateful for you all and hope each of you will take the chance to visit sometime to see firsthand what God is doing here in Brazil.

Demps, Kristy, Meg, Duncan and Kate