Wednesday, May 11, 2005

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The picture above was taken in Thailand. Yes, those are real tigers that were chained very tightly. Otherwise, you wouldn't see us near them! we only had the courage because we thought that a good Clemson tiger fan wouldn't miss a chance like that. :) For more pictures, check out and click on the "photos" link at the top of the page.


Next week, 14 students from our Campus Outreach ministry in Alabama will be coming to participate in a Cross-Cultural Project for two months. many of you are familiar withe fact that this is something we do on an annual basis. It is always one of the times when we most see God's hand at work in the hearts of students. The 'novelty' of having 15 English-speaking students in our area of the campus certainly draws crowds! But engaging in conversations about eternal things is what God uses to draw Brazilians to himself. The Americans' lives are also changed forever as they learn to relate in the gospel and to daily walk in faith. Please pray for their final preparations, our final preparations, and for God to prepare the hearts of Brazilian students to receive the gospel.


Demps: Busy, busy, busy with CCP preparations, leading his staff team, planning and preparation at church and time with the guys he disciples, with a little play time with the kids thrown in. He also eats, sleeps but only when he gets the chance!

Kristy: Continuing to write for children's publications, disciple girls and mentor a few girls who have already graduated. Please pray for her as she helps Meg learn to be an excellent student and as she homeschools Duncan.

Meg: Just turned 7 years old, in the first grade. Made 100% on her math test the other day and advises us all on how to speak better portuguese. :)

Duncan: loves to jump, run and play pirate. Lives on a skateboard with a bike helmet on his head.

Kate: Will turn 2 in September. Starting to speak in some sentences (though the first was in portuguese!) and knows how to hold her own with her roughousing big brother.

Thanks for all your prayers. Please let us know how we can be praying for you.

The Dempseys