Friday, March 11, 2005


This week our staff team has met together to study and discuss what a community centered around the gospel looks like. God is always at work in our relationships here but we want to be intentional in working with him to relate to others because of the gospel. Some of the things we are learning are that some of the marks of a true gospel community are transparency (openness and honesty), forgiveness, acceptance, sacrifice and service and encouragement in obedience.

These things can really be transformational in this culture is because of the prevalence of "surface" Christianity. There is often an emphasis on doing the right thing and not on being the right thing. And our being the right thing comes from the transformation that Christ does in our lives and not from ourselves.

Demps' cousin, Lee Cunningham was here last week for a visit. He has posted some pics of us, our home, our kids and our friends (and his friends now!) on his personal website. Click here if you'd like to check out the pics. (3 pages worth! It looks like all we did was eat.)

Many thanks for walking along with us in this journey. We're grateful for each of you.
Demps, Kristy, Meg, Duncan and Kate


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