Friday, February 25, 2005

Post Beach Project

The last month has been an exciting experience for the students and staff as we spent 20 days in Saquarema, Brazil, in search for a deeper understanding of the treasure we have in our relationship with God. As we embarked on this 3 week journey, God was faithful to reveal the treasures in our hearts that compete for His glory. Getting to know Jesus as the GREATEST TREASURE led us to understand our IDENTITY in Jesus, the value of the COMMUNITY He has placed each of us in and how He has given each of us a MISSION to carry this great treasure to all those we meet. As we treasure the true TREASURE, every area of our lives has so much more value as we learn to value people in our lives and the purpose He has called each of us to.


Our leadership team is planning for the future! They will be meeting February 23-25.
Our area teams will have their annual planning meetings February 28 - March 2. We will also have a special staff training time March 9-11.
Please be in prayer for these events, for the key decisions that will be made regarding our ministry here and for our hearts to become increasingly more committed to God's vision for our ministry here.


Meg is back in school and hard at work with homework everyday. The highlight of her year so far has been swimming class every Thursday. Duncan imagines himself to be an expert skateboarder and is a great big brother to Kate (meaning he is teaching her to fight back!). Kate is a year and 4 months old and is the delight of all the Brazilians with her blonde hair and blue eyes, especially since she is the littlest girl on our team.

We are grateful for each of you. Please be praying that God would be glorified in us and through us here in Brazil.

Demps, Kristy, Meg, Duncan and Kate