Friday, October 08, 2004

Paying the Mail

I hate paying bills. I hate looking through them, tallying the totals, realizing "uh-oh, that one is due today...", and all that bill paying entails. Often the only thing that we ever get in the mail are bills, so every time I head off to the bank, my kids ask me "are you going to pay the mail?" Probably sounds familiar to you, too! But I am grateful for what bill paying reminds me of. Every time I sit to tally the total, and figure out what to pay and when, I am grateful for each of you and your commitment to keeping us here in Brazil to minister to college students. I am grateful that through you God has provided the resources we need to live in a foreign country and give our lives away to eternal things. I know that it is a huge sacrifice for many of you and we feel privileged to co-labor with you here. God is multiplying your investment.

Flavio, who many of you met while we were in the States, has returned to Brazil and is amazed to see what God did in him and through him while he was in the States. He wanted to express his gratitude (we do too!!) for all that you all did and all that God did throughyou. He wrote an e-mail back to one of our staff while he was still in the States and I just wanted to share part of it with you.
"Certainly, God provided the money we needed but He also is showing us that this trip had a much bigger purpose than raising money. It is incredible how God has used this trip to teach us of His glory, his love for the lost world, His power, His faithfulness, His wisdom, etc. This trip was the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life but it was the most blessed." Flavio
We are grateful that God has used each of you in Flavio's life to show him a little more of God's glory.
Much love,
Demps, Kristy, Meg, Duncan, and Kate

Just in case you ever want to send us anything besides a bill....:)
Rua Monte Alegre 74/101
Serra, Belo Horizonte, MG


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