Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Dempsey Update

Yesterday was Kate's 1st birthday and we wanted you to be able to share in the excitement. Here is a pic of her enjoying some of the gifts she received.

Since all our staff have returned we have been spending our time reconnecting with the students involved in our ministry. Many of these students are seekers who grew interested in investigating the gospel through our conversations with them over the past few months. It has been exciting to see how God has continued to work in their hearts even though we were in the States for a while. It is really proving to us that it is God who causes the harvest to grow and nothing of it comes from us. Pray for these seekers to continue seeking and trust God along with us to give them insight into their need for a Savior.

This Sunday we begin a new sermon series at church titled "More than just a Book". Each of the speakers for the next few weeks will be sharing from their favorite chapters of the Bible. The goal of this series is to create interest in God's word--both among Christians and seekers alike. Demps will start off this series by preaching this Sunday night. Pray for his preparation for this time as well as for his rusty language skills (so he says, the rest of us think he speaks fine!).

We're grateful for each of you. We'd love to hear from you. You're welcome to e-mail us or to post comments here.
Demps, Kristy, Meg, Duncan and Kate

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Back at it in Brazil

Just wanted to say a huge "thank you" to everyone who was a part of our trip to the US, and even if we didn't get a chance to see you, you were still a part. I feel like I know what bands feel like when they go on the road. It was exhausting as well as incredibly encouraging to share with others what is going on in Brazil and to hear what is happening there as well.

We started out our trip needing to raise somewhere in the neighborhood of $5000/month for my whole team. (That's a pretty big neighborhood) Obviously a big part of that is what we needed to raise for the 3 national staff, Claudia, Cristina, and Flavio. It's been incredible to watch so many people get excited about what God is doing in Brazil and to reach into their pockets to give sacrificially. We're still waiting to hear from some people but to this point we've seen God raise up about $3500/month. Wow! Thank you.

Although it was amazing to see what God was doing while we were in the States, I couldn't wait to get back to Brazil to see my family and to get back in the trenches. I've been back since last Thursday and it seems as though God has really used our absence here to push our young leaders into a greater sense of ownership and responsibility as they seized the torch while our staff was gone. Good stuff happening all over the place.

Check back in to see updates occasionally. We're thankful for each of you and would love to hear from you.

Pray for:
  • Thank God for all that He has provided for our team over the last month
  • Thank God for people like yourself that God uses to change our lives and the lives of Brazilians here through our work together.
  • God to provide the remaining $1200-$1500/month that is needed for my 3 national staff.
  • Us as we settle back into life and ministry here. There are a lot of people to see and work to be done that has accumulated in our absence.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Dempsey Update Blog

We'd like to use this site so that you can check in on us at any time. Hopefully we will be able to post short updates to it a couple of times a week and our regular updates once every couple of weeks. Check back here for prayer requests and ministry info as well as to hear about what is going on in our lives and family. Feel free to post comments and prayer requests of your own. We're thankful for each of you!